A Satisfying News Story

Here is the difference between happiness and satisfaction:

Consider this quote is from How Zynga went from social gaming powerhouse to has-been.

“During my five-month mark, it started turning sour when we were pushing a lot of code that was destroying the ecosystem—they were not fixing bugs,” he said. “At one time, I had 10,000 players trapped inside a quest. 10,000! The attitude was ‘Don’t worry about them.’ [Management] would rather grab new players, keep them for three months or so, get $5 to $10 from them, and those players would quit and leave.”

When I read this, I am not happy. It’s sad to see hundreds of jobs lost because– among other things– a company loses interest in producing a product that works well.

But I am satisfied when yet another example of a high flying wipeout shows that testing (and bug fixing) matters.

1 thought on “A Satisfying News Story

  1. I felt this was the article’s representative line: “we found this money-printing machine; help us oil the wheels and make more money.”

    While it was a very interesting read, I felt mostly disgust. These apps are little more than electronic drugs being disguised as games. “The first click is free, but then you gotta pay.” They are exploiting user’s addictions for gain. Quality is barely on the radar.

    I dunno…with each passing day, I become more and more disappointed with the current state of affairs in corporate IT. The stupid and/or evil prevail, while the bright spots are farther and fewer between than ever before. In my humble opinion and experience, of course.

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