Rapid Software Testing Applied *ONLINE*
                                                with James Bach

                                     September 12-14th, 2018



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When is it:

September 12-14th, 2018   Wednesday - Friday 9am-3:30pm PDT


Early Bird


Regular Bird


April 10th - June 14th, 2018






June 15th - September 5th, 2018







Registered Students Company Country
Amy Winder HP Idaho, USA
Madia Mousa HP Idaho, USA
Richie Burgo HP Idaho, USA
Shem Purnell HP Idaho, USA
Troy Jenks HP Idaho, USA
Cameron Lilly HP Idaho, USA
Erik Bryan HP Idaho, USA
Nicole Nelson HP Idaho, USA
Steven Schofield HP Idaho, USA
Sangeeta Gobbak HP Idaho, USA
Fiona lee HP Idaho, USA
Tracy Balkovic HP Idaho, USA
Joy Cremeans IQMS California, USA
Lindsay Diehl IQMS California, USA
Dan Dumrongmanee IQMS California, USA
Matt Fontenot IQMS California, USA
David Huntsberger IQMS California, USA
Willy Iraheta IQMS California, USA
Stefan Papusoi   Luxembourg
Jodi Stone OneAmerica Indiana, USA
Supriya Chopra OneAmerica Indiana, USA
Nadine Brindley OneAmerica Indiana, USA
Shaun Shupert OneAmerica Indiana, USA
Vira Pometnova Svartis Solutions Ukraine
Karim Yengsep Thought Foundry Inc Illinois, USA
Ganesa Prakas Manickam Bala Kofax India
Kevin Johnson   Florida, USA
Brennan Neve   Canada
Deepa Anand   Virginia, USA
Kamesh Akella Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Scott Boyd Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Cindy Berube Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Stephanie Charlton Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Sowmya Samprathi Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Bret Parent Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Donna Johnson Curriculum Assoc Mass, USA
Aaron Smith Motorola Solutions Alabama, USA
Carla Hogan Motorola Solutions Alabama, USA

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Upcoming Events



July 09-13
Omaha, Nebraska USA
Corporate On-Site Training

July 11
Omaha, Nebraska
Tester MeetUP: "When Animals Test"

August 22-24
Sydney, Australia
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing

September 12-14
Broadcasting from Orcas Island, Washington, USA
ONLINE CLASS: Rapid Software Testing Applied with James Bach

September 19
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Corporate Testing Symposium: Invited Speaker

September 26-28
Seattle, WA
PUBLIC CLASS: Rapid Software Testing 4.0 with James Bach & Michael Bolton

October 10-12
Porto, Portugal
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing

October 15
Malmo Live Congress, Malmö, Sweden
Public Workshop: "It's Not About Test Cases: Learn To Think Like A Tester" organized by tretton37

October 18
Linköping, Sweden
DevLin2018: Invited Speaker

October 19
Linköping, Sweden
DevLin2018: 1-day Workshop

October 24-26
Tartu, Estonia
Public class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Celeg Hannas




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