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Anything that threatens the value of the product. Something that bugs someone whose opinion matters.

Exploratory Testing:

An interactive process of simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution.

Heuristic Testing:

An approach to test design that employs heuristics to enable rapid development of test cases.

Risk-Based Testing:

Any testing organized to explore specific product risks.


To obtain an outcome that is good enough. Coined in 1957 by economist and Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon.

Test Design:

The process of creating tests.

Test Execution:

The process of configuring, operating, and observing a product for the purpose of evaluating it.

Test Logistics:

The set of ideas that guide how resources are applied to fulfill the test strategy.

Test Strategy:

The set of ideas that guide test design.



Upcoming Events


July 31- August 1
Beijing, China
Corporate Training: Rapid Software Testing, 2-day

August 03
Frankfurt, Germany
Tester Coaching Session with Huib Schoots, via skype

August 07
New York City, New York
Tester Coaching Session with Steven Flinchbaugh, via skype
Tester Coaching Session with Robert Cole, via skype

August 08
New York, New York
Phone interview with Scott Phillips of

August 11-13
New York, New York
Conference: CAST

August 13
New York, New York
Dinner Meeting with Yaron Kottler and Sagi Krupetski

August 18-20
New York, New York
Corporate Training: Rapid Software Testing

September 03-05
Broadcast from Orcas Island, Washington, USA
WEBINAR: Rapid Testing Intensive ONLINE with James Bach

September 15-17
Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia
Conference: LET'S TEST OZ, Context-Driven Software Testing

September 15-19
The Bronx, New York, New York
On-Site Training: Rapid Testing Intensive at Per Scholas, instructed by Michael Bolton

September 22-24
The Bronx, New York, New York
On-Site Training: Rapid Software Testing at Per Scholas, instructed by Michael Bolton


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