Free Testing Lessons Over Skype

One of the things I like to do is give testing lessons over Skype. I never charge for them, but there are conditions:

  • I don’t schedule them in advance. I do it as time is available.
  • I coach normally in text form, not by Skype voice, although I sometimes make exceptions.
  • You agree that I may publish all or part of the coaching transcript in an book, article, or blog post, as long as I remove personally identifying details (unless you want to be identified).

Here’s how it works:

1. You contact me over Skype. (ID: SATISFICE)

Contact me and say “I would like to have a coaching session. I have 90 minutes free right now. I have read your coaching policy and it’s okay with me.” Then, if I have time, I do a coaching session with you, right then and there.

2. My Motivation: I am motivated by people who entertain me with their passion for learning. Besides that, I want learn how to coach better. Finally, I’m developing material for another book.

3. The process is Socratic dialog: That means I ask you questions and pose problems, then you develop your answers. I also instruct directly as needed. My goal is to help you develop into a tester worthy of respect according to the standards of the Context-Driven School of Testing.

4. We work on things that matter to you: If you have a goal to learn a specific kind of thing, we work on that. Otherwise, I’m happy to walk you through my own syllabus of testing.

5. I may require you to do homework as a condition of further coaching. I may ask for permission to publish your homework as a training example.

6. I may want to watch you test over Skype screen sharing.

7. You are free to tell others that you are working with me.

8. If you ask me a specific question, I will probably ask you to tell me your answer, first. I will expect you to have googled around and thought about it some before we talk.

You should bear in mind that I’m a demanding tutor. I want to spread clarity and excellence in software testing. Don’t approach me unless you have an ambition to be excellent in your craft.

My offer is open to anyone in the world, as long as I believe I can help you.

(Thank you to Adrian Dinca for informing me how confusing my earlier version of this post was!)