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James BachI started in this business as a programmer. I like programming. But I find the problems of software quality analysis and improvement more interesting than those of software production. For me, there's something very compelling about the question "How do I know my work is good?" Indeed, how do I know anything is good? What does good mean? That's why I got into SQA, in 1987.

Today, I work with project teams and individual engineers to help them plan SQA, change control, and testing processes that allow them to understand and control the risks of product failure. I also assist in product risk analysis, test design, and in the design and implementation of computer-supported testing. Most of my experience is with market-driven Silicon Valley software companies like Apple Computer and Borland, so the techniques I've gathered and developed are designed for use under conditions of compressed schedules, high rates of change, component-based technology and poor specification.

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October 08-10
Portland, Oregon
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association

October 10
PNSQC in Portland, Oregon
Invited Speaker: "Secret Life of Testers"

October 12
Zacchaeus Learning Opportunity, Bellingham, Washington
Invited Speaker: Critical Thinking for HomeSchoolers

November 09-10
Bucharest, Romania
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by PrettyGoodTesting

November 14
Stockholm, Sweden
Invited Speak at Tester MeetUP

November 16-17
Stockholm, Sweden
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by AddQ Training

November 22-24
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Altom Consulting

November 27-29
Bucharest, Romania
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Altom Consulting

December 04-06
Prague, Czechia
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by tesena, SRO

December 07
Prague, Czech Republic
Corporate OnSite for tesena testers

December 13-15
South Burlington, Vermont, United States
Corporate Training: Rapid Software Testing



March 03
Malmo, Sweden
Beauty in Code Conference

March 07-09
Zürich, Switzerland
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, co-instructor with Michael Bolton, organized by House of Test

March 28-30
Christchurch, New Zealand
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing

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