A collection of videos recorded over the years, from around the world, ranging from Star East conferences to Meetups. These videos are informative as well as fun to watch!


RST Overview (June 2013)

Posted by James Bach, recorded from Orcas Island, Washington, during the RST Course



TestBash Video: A Galumphing We Go with James Bach (Apr 25, 2013)

Posted by Software Testing Club




On testing in an agile software development team (orig post Nov 2012)

Michael Trengrove sat down with James Bach to discuss testing practice during a typical sprint, starting with sprint planning all the way through to testing fixed bugs found in sprint. He brought up lots of great ideas and left him with a lot of food for thought.



Almost lost in Lund, Sweden (March 2013)

A video essay by James, on the pleasure and power of not quite being lost, but being almost lost. This relates to the mental engagement that allows a tester (or a scientist) to explore a product or situation effectively.



StarEast2012: Video of James Bach and Michael Bolton discussing the Testing Industry

Buccaneer-Tester: Winning Your Reputation; On Swiss Testing Day, Zurich, Switzerland, March 2012

James Bach, who has made his own way in his twenty-four year testing career (and writes about that in his book Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar), describes how you can develop your personal portfolio and reputation to stand out as a senior tester or leader who is indispensable to your current—or any—organization. Join James for an insightful look at what you can do to develop and win your reputation to help your team, project, and company excel.



Videos from over the years:


Open Lecture on Software Testing at Estonia



Becoming a Software Testing Expert



Star East 2009


Software Testing Naturalist


Star East 2010



StarEast 2011



Interview with James Bach on Buccaneer


Interview with James Bach


Scholars at work...




More Buccaneer Scholar...



And a few more...


Birmingham Software Testing Club Meetup 11/15/2011

Discussion about transitioning to Context Driven Testing; reacting to what is seen in your testing world, respecting the context,  and solving problems by noticing what is going on and crafting solutions to help that situation.


The Easy Button Test

In this video, James and Jon Bach each test an "Easy Button." Each of their test sessions were 10 minutes long and completely independent. They were then edited together and subtitled to show the various test techniques they employed.


Steve McQueen, Consulting Software Tester

When I was a kid, this scene from Towering Inferno imprinted on me the idea of what it means to be an expert: knowing how to learn fast, knowing what questions to ask, cutting through the nonsense. Getting to the heart of things




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August 01
Wellington, New Zealand
Dinner Meeting with Oliver Erlewein

August 03-04
Wellington, New Zealand
Peer Conference: Kiwi Workshop on Software Testing #5 (KWST)

August 05-07
Wellington, New Zealand
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Engel Consulting

August 06
Wellington, New Zealand
WeTest MeetUp: Invited Speaker; "Better Agile Quadrants: Integrating Testing and Development"

August 09
Auckland, New Zealand
Dinner Meeting with the Engels and Associates

August 10-12
Auckland, New Zealand
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Engel Consulting

August 13
Auckland, New Zealand
WeTest Meetup, Invited Speaker: "Test Cases are NOT Testing"

August 18
Sydney, Australia
Invited Speaker: Sydney Meet-up

August 19-21
Sydney, Australia
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Testing Times

August 24-26
Sydney, Australia
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing

August 27
Sydney, Australia
Invited Speaker: Sydney Tester Meet-up: "Notes from a Testing Coach"

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