The Software Test Managers Roundtable was founded by Cem Kaner and Brian Lawrence as a recurring facilitated discussion among present and former test managers. Attendees at the Sixth STMR meeting were: Laura Anneker, James Bach, Sue Bartlett, Rex Black, Jennifer Smith-Brock, Doug Hoffman, Kathy Iberle, Cem Kaner, Brian Lawrence, Bret Pettichord, Sid Snook, Steve Tolman, and Jo Webb.

STMR was based on the Los Altos Workshops on Software Testing (LAWST). Several other recurring meetings have been modelled on LAWST, including the Austin Workshop on Test Automation (hosted by Bret Pettichord), the Patterns of Software Testing conference (hosted by Sam Guckenheimer), The Workshop on Heuristic and Exploratory Techniques (hosted by James Bach), and a few others. These meetings are non-profit, self-organized attempts to create a forum for serious sustained discussion about testing.