Rapid Testing Intensive  *ONLINE ONLY*


A software testing practicum experience with James Bach

For the first time, in July 2012, many participated in an immersive testing experience, RTI #1,  with the Bach brothers: the men who created the Session-Based Test Management and Rapid Software Testing methodologies. About 88 participated online, and 17 onsite, where it provided an opportunity to see how the modern theory of testing met real world experience.


James is back, and this time, he will be conducting a RTI Online Only event, broadcast from Orcas Island, Washington.




Registration is CLOSED. Thank you for the overwhelming response!

Did you miss out? Contact erica@satisfice.com to be placed on the email notification list for the next scheduled Online RTI, either in August or October! Also consider the RST in June and the RTI on Orcas Island in September.

Next Event: Come join us on the island for an unforgettable testing experience.

RST ONSITE June 25-27, 2013

Now taking registrations, but seats are limited, so sign up NOW.
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RST on Orcas June 25-27, 2013; and RTI#2 on Orcas in September 2013 !  More info coming soon.

When is it: January 28-30th, 2013   Monday- Wednesday

Where is it:

RTI ONLINE COURSE broadcast from Orcas Island, Washington


What is it:


Nearly all testing textbooks and classes teach testing based on ideas that are about forty years old. A funny thing about that: we have no evidence that those ideas worked even then — and yet, the world is more complicated, today. Traditional testing demands that you test with a complete spec, assumes you will test every feature in every way, and expects that you will write out all your tests cases in detail before you start. Hogwash! None of that is possible, and some of it is actually harmful even to attempt.

Rapid testing is a skill-based and context-driven testing methodology that invites you to apply ingenuity, tools, and lightweight heuristics to test complex products. It's designed to scale. It's designed to engage your brain, instead of make you feel like a stock clerk at a supermarket. It's a methodology that grew out of the culture of innovation in Silicon Valley.

This seminar is a live test coaching experience run by James Bach.  He trains to "test as you test", just as if someone worked for him in real life. James is the creator and managing author of the Rapid Testing methodology, which he has been developing since the late 80's at Apple Computer, and teaching since the mid 90's.


You will learn:

• What is Rapid Testing and how to use the Testing Story heuristic.

• Why excellent testing is and must be a thoughtful people-centered process.

• How checking (which a tool can do) and testing (which only people can do) are two different things that work well together.

• How note-taking with tools like Rapid Reporter plus video can help create a comprehensive record of your work.

• How activity-based test management (e.g. with sessions and threads) can coordinate and illuminate the work of a test team.

• How paired exploratory testing can supercharge your testing.

How will tool help you:

We will use Atlassian JIRA and Confluence to coordinate the collaboration and gathered the test results from all participants. Participants will receive a login to access testing notes and archives. A dedicated administrator will track questions and issues of the online participants while James focuses on managing the testing itself.


We will use Atlassian's HipChat tool, all throughout the day, with a webinar at the beginning and end of each day using Citrix GoToWebinar.


What about
Time Zones?

If you are in a different time zone, that's okay!

We will broadcast two briefings per day which will be recorded. If you didn't see them live (approximately 9am and 1pm PST), you can watch them later.
The briefings will be a minimum of 90 minutes long (longer at James' discretion). We will also be available via Hipchat, to some degree, outside of those times.

However, you don’t have to watch them at all. The status of the project will continuously be updated in Confluence, to which you will have access.

The instructor is available, as well as the online moderator, to answer any questions you have during the course. No matter what time zone you are in, this event will be  a true testing experience!

How will you prepare:

We will testing a real product,  and are encouraged to use tools such as Fiddler, Burp Proxy, browser add-ins, etc. that assist in testing.

Although it is helpful to have taken the RST class, it is not required. However, we do recommend that you review the articles and materials on the Satisfice site


Must have at least one year of software testing experience.

Must be able to speak and write reasonably well in English.

How much is it:

Early Bird Registration
Sept 15th - Nov 15, 2012


Regular Registration

Nov 16 - Jan 25, 2013





 Participants for the Online RTI January 2013:

Name     Company                         
Bernice                           Ruhland                                   ValueCentric  LLC USA
Chris Kenst   Conversive  Inc. USA
Dmytro Zharii   Ukraine
Eric Glassman   Scitent  Inc. US
Latha Pillai   India
Xiaomei Tai   China
Joel Sheppard   VMTurbo USA
Scott Horner   BioWare Canada
Zachary Beaudoin   BioWare Canada
Abhishek Sharma   VMTurbo USA
Ben Fariello   VMTurbo USA
Jennifer Agne ValueCentric  LLC USA
Dee Volious   ValueCentric  LLC USA
Bruce Venne   BioWare Canada
Nathan Matichuk   BioWare Canada
Christopher Buzon   BioWare Canada
Steven Deleeuw   BioWare Canada
Giuliana Miglioli   IBM Brazil
Joel Sanda   Transzap  Inc. USA
Denise Bristol   Transzap  Inc. USA
Ray Rudd   Transzap  Inc. USA
Todd Renick   Transzap  Inc. USA
Yashoda Rao   Transzap  Inc. USA
Kristofer Lindberg   Memnon Networks AB Sweden
Gergely Brautigam   UK
Andreas Cederholm    
Henke Hagman   House of Test Sweden
Martin Thulin   House of Test Sweden
Paul Hayes   Switzerland
Roman Jaquez   USA
Nadine Whitfield   Intermountain HealthCare USA
anna fileva   Whole Foods Market USA
Flori Suciu   Alcatel-Lucent Canada
Tim Schallberger   intel corporation USA
Edgar Rodriguez   USA
Rajiv Bharadwaj   CSG International India
Kevin Liu   Hewlett-Packard USA
Tien-You Chen   Hewlett-Packard USA
Andrew Lee   Hewlett-Packard USA
Ryan Nicholson   Hewlett-Packard USA
Heiki Roletsky   Estonia
Dan Kirk   Google USA
Rachael Howarth   Bibliotheca Ltd UK
Bill Lusche   Intel USA
David Pritchard   Intel USA
Julia Westbom   HeartFlow  Inc USA
Kurt Sansom   HeartFlow  Inc USA
Robert Hailman   OpenText Canada
Dylan Haussermann   OpenText Canada
Chris Challice   OpenText Canada
Terry Hoey   OpenText Canada
Efrain Olvera   TestCo Inc USA


Questions? Email: erica@satisfice.com



Upcoming Events



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Omaha, Nebraska USA
Corporate On-Site Training

July 11
Omaha, Nebraska
Tester MeetUP: "When Animals Test"

August 22-24
Sydney, Australia
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing

September 12-14
Broadcasting from Orcas Island, Washington, USA
ONLINE CLASS: Rapid Software Testing Applied with James Bach

September 19
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Corporate Testing Symposium: Invited Speaker

September 26-28
Seattle, WA
PUBLIC CLASS: Rapid Software Testing 4.0 with James Bach & Michael Bolton

October 10-12
Porto, Portugal
Corporate Class: Rapid Software Testing

October 15
Malmo Live Congress, Malm, Sweden
Public Workshop: "It's Not About Test Cases: Learn To Think Like A Tester" organized by tretton37

October 18
Linkping, Sweden
DevLin2018: Invited Speaker

October 19
Linkping, Sweden
DevLin2018: 1-day Workshop

October 24-26
Tartu, Estonia
Public class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Celeg Hannas




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