A New Onsite Class from Satisfice

                                  Orcas Island, Washington - only offered once in 2016

                             May 16-18, 2016


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Whale Watch Trip with Eclipse Charters    


The world of software testing is undergoing profound change in many areas of the industry. Companies may think testing slows down projects, so testing needs to be “automated” to provide faster time-to-market. They may have heard that certain famous companies "don't have testers" because "developers do the testing", or even think users may overlook or forgive bugs anyway.  

Meanwhile, many testers have little training and the commercial certifications available for testers are laughable, so there is confusion even among testers about what good testing means. In some companies, testing as a defined role is going away. In other companies, testers are taking on new responsibilities.


If you are a serious career tester, you need to figure out where you stand and what to do about it.


This class is dedicated to helping testers and test teams reinvent themselves and their role in development. It is taught from two perspectives: James is a long-time independent testing consultant and trainer. Jon is a former tester who applies his testing skills and experience at eBay in a role he reinvented to emphasize the results from testing.

Reinvention does not necessarily mean transformation. It means achieving deep understanding and ownership over your practices and motivations. It means knowing why you do what you do, and being able to explain it to others. The instructors take a context-driven approach to testing, which treats the subject as a fluid human craft involving skill and problem-solving rather than as a set of fixed practices or tools.


The class involves practical exercises and Socratic discussion. We recommend that you bring a laptop computer (Windows or Mac), but this is not absolutely necessary.








Day 1: Roles


Day 2: Mechanics


Day 3: Direction



Course Logistics:

(Contact with any questions)

When is it:
May 16-18th, 2016 (Monday - Wednesday)

PLUS a Welcome Reception on May 15th, 2016 at 7-8:30 pm!
PLUS a Whale Watch Excursion on May 19th, 2016!

Where is it:

Rosario Resort, Orcas Island, Washington USA

What does ONSITE  registration include?

Dynamic -3- Day Course
Coffee/Tea Service
Daily Continental Breakfast
Daily Lunch Meal
Daily Afternoon snack

How much is it:

Fee is for OnSite Attendance at class; it does NOT include travel and lodging expenses as they are attendees responsibility

Regular Registration

Feb 27 - April 29th, 2016









Venue & Accommodations:

Rosario Resort Rosario Resort: The Beachhouse
Rosario is a beautiful historic hotel located on Orcas Island, Washington.

Rooms are limited,

book early!

Ask for Satisfice room rate!


Sunset Magazine features San Juan Islands...check it out!

Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce   (including hotels, restaurants and local happenings)


"The View from Buck Mountain" a video by James Bach of Orcas Island

Video of Orcas Island Area

How do I get there?

Transportation to/from Orcas Island, Washington:

Orcas Island is a beautiful place to be in the summer! Traveling to and from the Island during this time does require some planning due to the high volume of tourists. Ferry lines can get quite long, so plan ahead!


Once you fly into Seattle-Tacoma Airport (SEA), you can choose a variety of ways to continue your trip to Orcas Island.

Kenmore Air
Via Float Plane (Recommended):
 The Kenmore Air fleet lands right in front of Rosario!

Via Taxi: Orcas Island Taxi

Via Rental Cars from airport,Washington State Ferry
       Rental Cars on Island

Via Washington State Ferry: Anacortes, WA to Orcas Island, WA



Seattle Area Map
Island Map
Directions to Rosario via Google Maps


Past RST Class Photo Gallery:

JUNE 2013 Welcome Reception Photos

JUNE 2013 RST Orcas-Day 1 Photos

JUNE 2013 RST Orcas- Day 2 Photos

JUNE 2013 RST Orcas- Day 3 Photos

JUNE 2013 RST Excursion- Whale Watch



RTI#1 July 2012 Group Photo

      July 2012 Class

Some of the participants registered for this course are below:

Name Company
Rob Sabourin  
Justin Rohrman Excelon Development
Matthew Heusser Excelon Development
Simon Schrijver TesT-PRO
Jesse Alford Pivotal
Perze Ababa Johnson & Johnson
Andy Tinkham C2 IT Solutions
Brian Kurtz DealerTrack
Amy Jo Esser ProAssurance
Jerrilyn Rooney Ricoh USA
Sheree Pennah Black Pixel
Connor Roberts Dealertrack Technologies
John Hunter Verisign, Inc
Jeff Grigsby DNV-GL
Carol Brands DNV-GL
Michael Frank DNV-GL
Stephen Knopf John Lewis Partnership
Anna Royzman  


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