Podcasts with James Bach


Episode 47 by Michael Raveling with James Bach

From blog.softwaretestpodcast.com

June 21st, 2013: In this extra long, unedited podcast, James shares more of his thoughts on software testing. We start by taking on some icons of the quality world, Juran and Deming. Michael goofs up James background but gets James to share some information about the early days at Apple. James gets Michael to open up about why he reallly got his certification. The discussion turns to exploratory testing and Michael's experience trying to implement it in a regulated environment. James talks about his regulated tested experience. It's a wealth of information and tips on testing in that environment. James gives a hint about his next project and it certainly sounds exciting.


Challenges Facing Software Testers

From qatestlab.com

Oct 11th, 2012: James talks about the biggest challenge to software testers; the inability to cope with challenges of any kind., coping with controversy, working through issues together, and being accountable. Watch this, Testers!


Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing

From mobileqazone.com

Oct 9th, 2012: An honest lecture on real testing. He continues sharing some of his background and history in the testing community.


Episode 25 by Michael Raveling and Emily Shebesta with James Bach

From blog.softwaretestpodcast.com

May 5th, 2012: James talks about software testing. We get him to talk about his website satisfice.com, why software testers don't seem to take software testing seriously, and philosophy. Emily gets James to discuss 'the next big thing' but the answer probably wasn't what either of us expected.


Audio podcasts on software testing with James Bach

From TestingPodcast.com

Several podcasts posted here, includes conversations about the effectiveness of pairwise testing, test coaching, tester tools, etc.


Hanselminutes Podcast 187: Software Tester James Bach

Recorded from Sweden, by Scott Hanselman, James talks about what it means to be a uncoventional learner and more.


Exploratory Testing: Podcast #4

From Testing Reflections: Podcast with James Bach

Quote from the conversation "Exploratory testing is simply what happens when I place something in front of you and say 'test this right now'. When people respond to that, they're doing exploratory testing. It's simultaneous learning, test design and test execution."


 "Is there a problem here?" with James Bach and Michael Kelly

From www.Michaeldkelly.com: software testing, development, coaching and consulting


Chatting with James Bach: Exploratory Testing Discussion

From Coding QA Podcasts. Summary by Michael Bolton found here.


The Role of a Tester- Interview with James Bach

From Five Whys: Beyond Agile- Notes to a Software Team Leader; Discussion includes about what real testers need to be, how to interview a tester for a job, the idea of exploratory testing, automated checks vs. manual, sapient tests and many other things.




Upcoming Events


October 24
Richmond, England
Corporate Training: Rapid Software Testing for Programmers

October 24
Richmond, Greater London, UK
Dinner Meeting with Ben Kelly

October 26
London, England
Tester Coaching Session with Alek Simic, via Skype

October 27-29
Brighton, England
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Rosie Sherry of Software Testing Club

October 31
Brighton, England
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing for Managers, organized by Rosie Sherry of Software Testing Club

November 06
Malmo, Sweden
Invited Guest: House of Test to meet the test team

November 07
Malmo, Sweden
Conference: Oredev 2014

November 09
Zurich, Switzerland
Dinner Meeting with Paul Haye

November 10-12
Zurich, Switzerland
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by Abraxas Informatik AG

November 13
Zurich, Switzerland
Public Class:  Session and Thread-based Testing Management, organized by Abraxas Informatik AG

November 17-19
Breda, The Netherlands
Public Class: Rapid Software Testing, organized by codecentric

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